Business in Divine Time

Business in Divine Time

Running a business that is successful takes work, patience and timing. So what happens when things don’t go our way? Well I think that looking back at the choices made and understanding that those choices have an effect on what is occurring in our business at that very moment. Patience for something is important but understanding and recognizing it when it comes our way is another. Without patience we tend to worry, or have feelings of being insecure which can lead to bad choices. I have been told that I am very patience, however this was not always the case… so where did the change occur where was the discrepancy? Well some of it was timing of the person in my life and sometimes it can be a reflection on what they see at that moment. 

I have come to learn that having patience requires faith and trust. It is the faith that everything will go as planned but that it may not always look how I planned it in the end... Read More

Be Your Authentic Self

By Rev. Darcelle Runciman

I love the start of summer because it lends to a natural transition into a new phase and a time to evaluate your business success thusfar. It enables you to look at where you want to be both personally and professionally. 

Living authentically means living with integrity to me and honoring what truly nurtures our soul. Well, I believe you can have a successful business and be embracing your authentic self at the same time. Success means many things to each of us and having business success while important to me and something I aspire to daily and help other businesses achieve, having success within your personal life is just as important. We do not always have to have a traumatic event to wake us up however sometimes it helps change us, and make us stronger. However, having experienced many major life events, loses and incredible opportunities …. The balance of Life really gets put into perspective especially during the difficult times when emotions run high and finding balance is tested. 

What I am reminded of is that we are never truly alone. That love is such an easy thing to share, and that truth will set you free. That the happiest people truly teach us valuable lessons, one being that people are stronger than they believe. I have experienced tremendous love and friendship in my life, even though it has not always been that way, and my wish for you is that you all have a prosperous summer where you honor your values and hold the people dear to you close to your heart. Life is so precious and exciting and in business all of those emotions and values can continue as we support our dreams and goals for our own business success. 

Here are some thoughts to help you create the authentic life you want for yourself, your business and in your personal life. 

1. Take ownership for your life as you are 100% responsible for it and the quality of it. Live by your values and have an understanding of what they are and ensure they are YOUR values and don’t belong to someone else. Learn how to transport those values into your business and keep your life consistent and nurturing. 

2. Understand your true brilliance. What are your strengths, why are you here? We each have a life purpose and that is to honor what we do best. Learning about what you do well will inevitably lead to happiness within your soul and strengthen your business as you access those skills. Every minute and action you take will show your true brilliance if you are committed to yourself and mastery. 

3. Have a hunger for learning. Some of the most successful business owners continue to learn throughout their career. Learning becomes an obsession, a tale about what works best, how to grow your company, what questions to ask, how to choose the right employees, how to expand your business and what are the best practices for doing so. All of these are questions business owners face at one time or another and the most effective people are the ones who can constantly shift their positions as they absorb this new information. 

4. Act in spite of fear, doubt and worry. We are all told we must have positive thoughts and that our thoughts determine our results. Yes very true, however we are human also… sometimes things are not always as we want them to be. That’s ok, however being authentic and in the moment on a continuous basis despite what is happening around us truly makes for a successful person and business. How do you react to difficult situations? Are you letting your fears, and doubts stop you from taking action? How much money will that delay and fear cost your business? Make concise, educated decisions and act! Act as if you will not fail and watch what you then achieve. 

5. Set Achievement Dates. Much like goals, achievement dates are a more positive non restrictive way to set a timeline on what you would like to accomplish with your business. Make sure that your achievements can be measurable or they will get lost as a wish or a good idea without a follow through action to know it have been accomplished. 

Be passionate, consistent, and honor your values. Know who you are and what your brilliance is and have focus to achieve what you desire for your business. Become known for honoring your commitment to authenticity, integrity and excellence. 

Ethical Business, Balanced Mind

Ethical Business, Balanced Mind

The power of our thoughts and how it relates to what we can achieve is astounding. I am going to briefly touch on the things that helped me take a thought of owning a business to creating a multi-million dollar company. It all started off with a dream, a dream of leaving my job at the time to move into something exciting and new. As one never to sit still for very long, I was ready to see if I could make it in the business world. I had worked in many great companies and management roles, and knew people really well so I thought why the heck not!