Here's just a small sampling of some client comments from over the years as a business intuitive & officiant. 

Sonia and Danny

5 out of 5 Stars

"Darcelle did an amazing job as our officiant. She was patient, kind, and insightful. She worked with us to create the perfect ceremony and was ever ready with suggestions or ideas when we were unsure. Darcelle really went the extra mile for us, providing us with much needed feelings of calmness and security on the day in question. She is simply a joy to work with." Caitlin S. 

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Business Testimonials

"I would highly recommend Darcelle Runciman’s “Focus Package System” program to anyone beginning a business or feeling stuck in moving forward with their business.  Darcelle helped me to get clear in my business desires and goals, and then kept me focused and accountable in achieving them. She expertly coached me with a sense of humour, professionalism and patience. Darcelle’s wealth of knowledge and bag full of tips have given me the skills I need to take my business to a new level. Thank you Darcelle."

Kim Bosch - Touch of Energy

"Darcelle has assisted me over the years with business ideas, templates, and advice on how I could develop my business. What she brings to the table really helps move people forward towards their goals. Her bold approach can strike you in the most positive ways to help you take action and move toward your own success.” Bev Leonard, Trent Valley Jiu Jitsu and Karate



Leader in business

"Darcelle is a true leader in her business style. She draws on years of experience, and she has inspired, motivated and focused me when I have needed the support for my small business. Her ability to get you out of your shell towards success is what has helped me achieve many of my goals for my business. She puts you at ease and gently guides you through your process to self realization, with just the right amount of forward thinking for the client. She will encourage you to reach your full potential.” Liz B.

"Most people don’t know where to start with running a business, I know you do because you have done this many times. Darcelle you have a wonderful caring nature about you with how you assist others. People gravitate to you like a butterfly towards the light. This is a gift that only a few posses! It’s the sign you are a great teacher!” Sherry Turner.

"I have known Darcelle Runciman for over 7 years. Darcelle is an incredible individual. As a friend, she is always ready to help. As a business coach, she is a clear thinker and strategic planner. With Darcelle, you have an active partner who gets things done.” Sandra Valks, Laugh & Learn Enterprises

"It is comming together, though. Thanks again for all your help. We do appreciate the stuff you do to help us” Laura M.

"Many thanks for spending time with me on Wed.  I appreciate how our short conversation kick started a more focused view of my goals and how to achieve them.” Karen G.

"Thanks for meeting with me today. It was a definite help to have someone to talk with who can help keep me focused.” Jeanette

"Thanks for all the info and support. You are right in that it really does help to process the ideas with a team of people.” Tom

"Thanks for your info and all your help Darcelle”. Doug

"Darcelle Runciman as our coach has given to us in many ways,  by providing amazing coaching to be able to focus on our goals as well as the ability to search out more avenues to reach them!” C.A

"Thanks for your help Darcelle, this was exactly what I was looking for!” Sandra

"I have attached the CD cover and artwork my daughter did for my meditation cd.  I received the today – boy that was fast! They look and sound really good….I am very happy with them. Thanks for your help!” J.C

"I missed the opportunity to meet you back in Feb. but several people have told me that you are who I need to talk to now.” Brian

"It was great meeting with everyone yesterday. I certainly appreciate the work that will be going into this project and look forward to seeing what we come up with.” J.C

"Hi Darcelle, thank you so much for the referral. I like getting in at this stage... name of the business. So many people name their business something that is almost impossible to market.. LOL” Kev